Thursday, February 7, 2013

Schick Hydro

All of us women know that we are always looking for that perfect shave. You know that one u get when you use ur s/o razor. Well i was able to be in a 100 percent free champion from bzzagent. In this champion i was given a shick hydro razor and asked to use it and give my opinion.

My opinion of the razor is i love it. It feels just like im using my husbands razor. It has awesome moisturizing serum that makes my legs feel nice and smooth and nice and silky without leaving them dry like most razors seem to do now days. The handle is nice and long and has a nice form so gripping is easy and not uncomfortable. I seem to not have to shave my legs as often as well. When we with razors it feels like i need to shave everyday it keep them nice and smooth. This is totally a razor i will be keeping in the bathroom.

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