Saturday, June 23, 2012

Two books i must talk about...

I know I've not been on here in about a year. Life has moved by pretty fast. Kevin done a 9 month deployment over seas. Once he returned we got ready to pcs. June came and we now live in fort hood texas.

Anyway back to why I'm writing this. For the past few weeks i have reading to awesome books and i can't help but share. If you into world history and/or mystery books i really think you would like these. I'm not going to lie the beginning of the first book was a little slow but after a few pages i couldn't put the book down. Getting to read a book that is themed in the time of medieval times with after the plaque just makes you feel like u were there. I think the characters could have been written out a little better on what they looked like at times but other than that to me the book was a good read. Here are links to them on amazon.

let me know what you think once u read them!!! By the way i got these both for free because im a bzzagent!!!

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