Wednesday, February 13, 2013

3 kids and 4 dogs...

You know having three kids and four dogs in the house can leave things not smelling to nice. You know when your toddler decides to leave orange peelings in the couch or one of your dogs decides to track in mud and stuff from this 20 minutes of digging in the yard. Yeah those are my everyday moments in my home.

But, i was able to try out glade expressions through bzzagent for free. I got to try the fragrance mist and the oil diffusers. I love using the fragrance mist in my living room/kitchen area. It brings that hint of warm feeling when i spray it. You know when u can walk up to your couch and sniff it and smell the awesomeness it leaves. Yeah thats my job of the day. I have also but the oil diffusers in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

We all know how 7,5, and 2 year olds can make their rooms a mess and make weird smells come out of them at times. It also helps for the musty dog smell in case my dogs decide to play in the ran and then run in the house and  "clean" off before i can grab them all and wipe them down.

All and all i have nothing bad to say about these products expect for the fact that i wished they came in more scents. And they made bigger cans of fragrance mist (hehe). Maybe even different styles for the oil diffusers. They look nice don't get me wrong but everyones house looks different.

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