Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why must kids always get into/do what you say not to!

I've learned the more i tell my kids not to do something the more they go and do it behind my back. Ive also learned that unless it has to do with them they want no part in doing anything else. Take my 3 year old (only) daughter. Today while i was out buying items at the commissary i bought my husband some sugar cookies to put in his care package. Well my daughter got into the sugar cookies and ate two of them without me knowing it. The one thing i didn't want her to touch out of that whole box she does. They matched my theme so well (cant say because hubby will read this haha).

Another example is my 5 year old son (oldest of the bunch) will not do anything unless it has to do with himself. He will bug me and bug me for something til i get it done but if it comes to getting his sister something he will not do it til i tell him 2 about a million times later.

Ive learned the older my children get the worse this seems to be. Some days i just wanna pull my hair out but then i think of all the good things they put into my life and for some reason the good over rules the bad. I joke with my husband that there should be something called parent abuse because i get it a lot.

I guess what i need to realize that my mother keeps telling me is they are just kids and u acted like that when you were little as well. All though i get to put into account they have their daddies blood and well he apparently was a monster when he was little lol.

All i gotta say is i cant wait for summer to get here and thank god my bedroom door locks if i need about 10 seconds to myself.(that is if i can have it without a certain little girl trying to beat down my bedroom door because she cant get in)

im sure many of you can relate to this. i just remind myself that my daughter is a daddies girl and that since he cant be here im suppose to put up with her until she can get it out of her system by "fighting" with her daddy. something that shes so use to and i cant do right lol.

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