Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ive Realized

As an army wife i've always know/understand there will be times when ill become a "single parent". As im walking my 2nd deployment ive learned the more kids i have the easier time will fly. What people forgot to mention was the more chaos happens as well. As i get on the comp and talk to my husband about the day he sits back and laughs. When we are talking and i tell him hold on one of the kids is beating up the other or the baby is crying he either laughs at me and says ok or gets upset that im taking time away from him. Honestly some days id like to trade places with him just for 5 minutes. I just wanna show him that yes he is in danger but man do i have horrible days too.

He understands kids are hard but hes never around when everything happens. Like the 20 million times ive fished toilet paper out of the toilet due to a little girl deciding one square wasnt enough. Or when im holding a baby 24/7 because he decides sitting on his bum isnt good enough but at the same time doing house work. Or how hard it is to carry a child plus boxes and make sure 2 other children are behind me as im trying to walk into the post office/open doors.

i guess what im saying is my kids screw with my head a lot, but i wouldn't trade it for the world. All the dark circles under my eyes, the 20 million hairs that fall out will never replace these "single" parenting moments i in an odd way cherish.

So if u see someone like this help her out. You dont know her whole story, you dont understand what shes fully going through (even if ur are a military spouse. all situations are different) we are a community of one and need to keep it that way. She might not be able to say thank you right away, but in her heart she is thinking you with everything. A simple opening of the door is kind enough (trust me).

So as i start this journey on this blog during this deployment im sure ill laugh some times about my kids and cry others over things they have done. But in the end they will keep me sane during this hard time in our lives and help me make the best of this not so fun situation

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